Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Okay you cheeky monkeys!

I've been working on sketch requests this evening, got a dozen here ready to go out the door, and I'd like to request or reiterate a few things. First, DON'T SEND MONEY. Seriously. I don't do commissions right now and it won't make your request turn up any quicker. Thank you for the thought but I really don't want your 'donation' to get lost en route. Second, can we maybe limit the amount of characters per request to two or three at the very most? I just got one here asking for three sketches, two with doubles and a third with something like 5 characters in a group shot. Maybe I'm just cranky tonight but...nuhhhh. Third, please put in the name of the person the sketch is for. I've had a few requests tonight alone that asked for a sketch for their brother or wife or friend and then there was no name attached. And yeah, part of the reason is so that it doesn't end up on e-bay but the other is because, well if you're making it a gift, why not make it special and have it personalised? And last, for now anyway, if you want your sketch to turn up for a specific date like a birthday please write TIME SENSITIVE on the back of your envelope and in your letter let me know the date it needs to get back to you by. No abusing this now, I'm doing my best to get to all these asap.

Thanks everyone, and now back to the grind...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm in a very Raumpatrouille Orion mood today.

More Y goodness!

Last month it was announced that Whys and Wherefores has been nominated for a Hugo Award and I've been in a happy daze ever since.

This week GQ magazine spotlights Y in an article about graphic novels to check out after you've read Watchmen. Coolio!

And the Y cameos continue on the very fun series, Chuck. Captain Awesome was spotted reading the first trade as Chuck lies in bed under a Y poster with a copy of the deluxe edition propped on the headboard. Wow! In another episode there was even more BKV love shown when a copy of Ex Machina was used to hide secret plans. This would be nice on any show but it's especially cool that it's one with such clear geek devotion to classics like Dune, Tron, Gotcha and countless other genre treasures.

Also, how neat was it to hear shout-outs for the book on the Chuck panel at Wondercon? Big hugs to the creators.

Getting ready for Emerald City Comic Con.