Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm in a very Raumpatrouille Orion mood today.

More Y goodness!

Last month it was announced that Whys and Wherefores has been nominated for a Hugo Award and I've been in a happy daze ever since.

This week GQ magazine spotlights Y in an article about graphic novels to check out after you've read Watchmen. Coolio!

And the Y cameos continue on the very fun series, Chuck. Captain Awesome was spotted reading the first trade as Chuck lies in bed under a Y poster with a copy of the deluxe edition propped on the headboard. Wow! In another episode there was even more BKV love shown when a copy of Ex Machina was used to hide secret plans. This would be nice on any show but it's especially cool that it's one with such clear geek devotion to classics like Dune, Tron, Gotcha and countless other genre treasures.

Also, how neat was it to hear shout-outs for the book on the Chuck panel at Wondercon? Big hugs to the creators.

Getting ready for Emerald City Comic Con.


Vistor Q said...

Hi Pia!!!
I'm Victor, and I just got to your page, and saw you have a blog, and a saw a button that says "comment" and I couldn't leave without leaving one.
It's been a couple of days since i've read the last issue of "Y", and I wanted to say thank you and please forgive me.
The first, thank you so much, you have no idea how long had been since i get this kind of emotions and intriged with a series. I'm not a huge comic fan, and here's where the "forgive me" part comes in, mainly because in here comics are not a easy thing to get.
I'm a proudly bored Chilean boy, and as much as I love comic, I haven't got the chance to read all that I want to, 'cos there are just a few comic stores, and the ones that are, inflate the prices to an impossible to this economy, especialy if I'm payin' for College, so, after a while without reading comics I've come across a known format, but not explored by me. Internet.
I found several web sites that scanned comics, translated them and make them avalaible for everyone to read. That's how I got "Y The Last Man", and that's why I'm sayin' sorry to you, because, as a film student I am, I how the effects of piracy, especially in Chile, where this shit affects us great, because movies in here are not an industry, meaning that the state puts a lot of money, besides of private enteprises and so, to makes the 15 or 20 movies that are made a year in here. And the sad part is that not only is dificult to make a movie, imagine spending one year passing throu a lot of problems tryin' to get money, and then, when it's time to release the movie, the distribution it only to 10 screens and last only a week!, beacuse peolple it's so used to buy copies of the movie that don't care to see national films and...

WA!, i'm starting to ramble...
The thing is that I love the comic, but specially love the art work, your work it's amazing, the emotionality and personality of the characters it's amazing, and really sets the mood for the whole thing, i just love it.
And I'm completly sorry for stealing your work, and i'll do my best to buy it all, because it is something I have to have in my shelf and read it again.


and excuse my english if it was to primitive!

Pia Guerra said...

Hey XD, please don't feel bad about reading Y online. I know one day when situations improve you'll be a proud owner of the Y the Last Man deluxe hardcover editions available through, fine comic shops and bookstores everywhere *g*

Seriously though, thanks, I'm very happy that you enjoyed the series and when the internet can help bring people to the story, people who may otherwise never get to see it, that's fantastic. And hopefully they too will see the benefits of owning a hard copy they can share with even more friends.

(Edition two of the Deluxe hardcovers are out in May everyone! hee hee!)

Donny said...

Pia, So I didn't have internet after I left home two days before the show and didn't see you planned to be there. I'm bummed I was right across from you at the Elephantmen table waiting for a sketch from Moritat and didn't even realize it was you because you weren't on the guest list. I wish I could have got a photo to put next to my original Y page. Oh well maybe next time. Hope you had as good a time at the show as I did. - Donny