Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the last post's comment section I was asked to post about our month long stay in London.

London is fun.

The Canadian Content show is doing swimmingly in Leicester Square, getting great reviews and making audiences quite happy. Ian and I have been walking all over town checking out museums and parks. I made it out to Montreal for the Hugo Awards where I lost to the wonderful Phil and Kaja Foglio, met the enormously talented Paul Cornell and ate a lot of egregious food. The weather has been nice, if a bit muggy and hot at times but nowhere near as bad as the crazy heat wave we just missed back home. Had a fantastic overnight trip to Brighton for some sea air. Got to hang out with Tony Lee and his lovely lady Tracy and dished on Doctor Who.

This month has also been very frustrating.

Barely three days into the trip and we get word from Vic that Kinsey is at the vet hospital with another embolism in her leg. After several harrowing days, lots of calls back and forth at odd hours, lots of crying and wringing of hands and what do you know, Kinsey the Wonder Cat pulls through. Only a week to go before we see her again.

Plus there's the sushi withdrawal.

Thursday we're off to Cardiff to visit Mike Collins to talk shop over lunch. It's been an interesting month.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your kitty is alright. Sounds like a month to remember.

Vistor Q said...

I Pia, don't know if you keep up with the blog, but I just passed to say Hi!!
Don't know if you remember me, but I'm the chilean that a few months a go told you the exciting tale of stealing "Y the last man" and reading it over the internet by not being abble to buy it here... well, the thing is that I finally started to known them!!! I found a web that sell them at a nice cost with free shipping worldwide son I'm in heaven!!!!

Cheers to you and it's awesome to se you work on paper, it has, somehow, so much live, it great!!!