Saturday, February 14, 2009

Very, very bummed.

Thursday night I had finished packing for our trip to LA, was putting together tickets and insurance documents and noticed that my passport wasn't in the usual spot on the shelf. I looked in my bag, looked around the apartment but no luck. This had happened before, on the night of the Dublin trip and after a few hours of frantic running about we finally found it at the office. I wasn't going to fall into that panic again, it was probably next to the drawing table like before so at around 3am we headed down there to look. No dice.

We returned home to do a more thorough dig, turned the place upside down, but no passport. I kept at it through the rest of the morning, right up to our check in time when I had to admit that it wasn't happening and I called the airline to let them know. They were very nice about it, wished us the best and let us know the next available flight out. After a few hours of sleep we got back to it. Ian returned to the office for another round of searching while I did an umpteenth run at the apartment.

It's looking like it was lost out in the world. On Monday I'll have to apply for a new one.

And Ian and I don't get to have our geeky Valentine's Day amidst Daleks and Cosplayers.


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