Sunday, January 11, 2009

Okay, that was a fantastic trip. Wow. Fantastic.

Yes, it took 7 days until we got our luggage, there was a lot of screaming over phones, angry e-mails and texts and much swearing to the heavens over the absolute suckage of Air Canada's handling of the whole affair. Yes, it was hard to shop for essentials during the boxing week madness of London's high street, yes it was colder than expected, yes the apartment and its management continued to be a huge pain in the ass over the next two weeks, yes we didn't get to see Tennant perform on Boxing Day...

But we did see his Hamlet on January 5th.

And it was incredible.

And we saw several other shows, Avenue Q, The 39 Steps, Bill Bailey in Tinselworm, Spamalot and Wicked (though I passed on those last two). We had a beautiful Christmas dinner complete with crackers, the Queen's address and Doctor Who. On New Year's Eve we got to witness a mind boggling sea of humanity make it's way towards Blackfriars and just missed getting hit by a champagne bottle thrown off the Millenium Bridge. We had a lovely New Year's Day meet up with Tony Lee and his beautiful fiancee Tracey at the Spice of Life. Diana found out her Zipcar membership worked internationally which resulted in a very fun day-trip to Stone Henge and Salisbury.

Vicky jetted off to Rome for 5 days to visit Hilary and see the sights. She came home with many cool stories. Mike hopped a train to Bristol to visit friends there and came back the next day with many photos.

I did stock signings at Gosh and Forbidden Planet (three trolley loads at FP!), visited Orbital and met a lot of nice people at all of them.

And now we're home. Mike and Diana are back in Toronto, Drew is in Thailand. We're getting many updates on their continuing adventures. It was great to see the cats again, Charlie has been glued to my legs since we got in the door. And though we missed most of the city's snow troubles and related outcries, there are still huge piles of leftovers all over the city and the new waves of rain are only adding to the problem. Presently we're dry and getting back to our routines (though Ian is battling a stomach bug, poor thing).

Oh, to those who may be wondering, I've finally started on sketch requests. A bunch will be going out this week.

Happy New Year!

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