Sunday, September 28, 2008

There's this new trend in jeans I've seen a couple of times on my way to work recently: skinny jeans pulled down so the waistline is resting under the pelvic bone, sometimes lower, creating a giant sag off the ass.

For the love of god, stop it.

The look was silly enough with big droopy pants, especially on the white suburban gangsta kids flashing signs on their freshly mown lawns, but this... this is just laughable. One chick we had the misfortune of walking behind kept tugging her stud belted skinnies to mid-white-briefed-rump, like every 10 seconds just to keep them from falling off her ass entirely. The sag of the fabric swishing about her denim plastered thighs made it look like she had just had some sort of accident.

Main Street hipsters and darlings! I expect more of you! Don't fall victim to this goofiness!

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