Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picked up a couple of CDs this week, currently listening to Viva La Vida by Coldplay and it's bloody beautiful.  Perfectly balanced, rich in textures and imagery and just fills your head.  Also have Sigur Ros on standby, listened to Gobbledigook in the car yesterday and loved it.

Onto book four of Death Note.  That is one addictive lil' manga.  

Meanwhile at work, started on Issue two of Doctor Who, presently on the Troughton pages.  I'm a very lucky girl.

Pub quiz tonight.  


Charlie Kirchoff said...

OoOo... You're reading Death Note. Thats one of the few Mangas I liked. We've got the whole run. Have you seen the live action films? They're pretty decent.

pia guerra said...

Ian's read the whole run so far, he 's researching it for a Simpsons story, and I'm now up to book 5. We've seen the first two anime episodes and are currently hunting down the live action (though I have already seen 5 parts of it on YouTube).

I so want to draw like Takeshi Obata. *g*

Charlie Kirchoff said...

Next time you go to a con, keep an eye out for the live action films, thats were we got ours.

We watched a little of the anime but it seemed identical to the manga. I don't mind something being true to the original but when its practically identical sometimes it can get boring.

Dr Ian Hocking said...

Hey Pia. Just thought I'd drop by to say (i) best of luck with the Doctor Who project, and (ii) why do you still not have an RSS feed for your blog? :-)

Ian (of

pia guerra said...

Hi Ian! Nice to hear from you again (I'm still thinking about that Saskia skecth btw, been swamped with work but it's coming!) This whole RSS thing is a bit of a mystery to me. I've heard of it but haven't done the research into how it works and if it will work with the very rough skin I use on this blog. Please feel free to enlighten me.

I am planning a revamp soon so hopefully I can incorporate that function into it.

Shaynne said...

Hi Pia,
I think I can help...You already have RSS set up via blogger:
Copy and paste that link; you should see a "subscribe button/link. Click that and then you can put the feed in your browser bookmarks.

Stay cool :)