Monday, April 28, 2008

We're getting close to selling pages! Vic has offered her services and is presently scanning away on the crappy Mustek I found on e-bay. It's a good scanner, just takes a bitch of a long time to run.

Here's how it will work.

We're going to be putting up a few pages at time here on the site. What goes up is what's for sale. Period. I don't want to hear any whining about such and such a page not being up and can you please dig through all those boxes to find my dream page? Nope. The main reason being this: I don't have all the pages. Jose and I had an arrangement where a certain amount from each issue went to him and another amount to me, based on even or odd numbered issues... yep, it's complicated. So I can't tell you what pages I have here or in storage without going into the boxes themselves And yes, a few, just a few, were sold over the last few years at local shows. That doesn't mean there aren't some nice offerings here, there are plenty, just that I have deadlines and don't want to put my sister through hell right now dealing with drama.

And seriously dudes, give her any flack and you'll be dealing with me. And a girl dragged away from her good Doctor is a very angry girl indeed.

Pages will be posted here, first one to send an e-mail claim (based on the time stamp) gets it. A confirmation e-mail will be sent within 2 days with shipping and insurance costs totaled in, Paypal info etc.

Payment will be in Canadian dollars through Paypal, money order or certified cheque. Be advised, sending a personal cheque to Canada from outside the country will require 30 days to clear. That means your purchase will remain in a box near the door until that cheque clears. This will make both of us cranky so just do it the other way.

All sales are final. If you request a personalised autograph and then don't like what you get, you're hosed. If there's some kind of problem with an unpersonalised page we'll sort out how to make you happy. Please be sure to ask any questions before you agree to buy a page and we'll do our best to answer it.

There you go. Good hunting.

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