Friday, November 2, 2007

Pub Quiz was a lot of fun. We were going to show up as Animal Farm but the shop only had enough cat masks. And hence our team:
The Pussy Whips!

I was in a steam punk mood so my outfit (complete with bowler hat) ended up looking like those LOLkitteh cartoons set in the 20s. Diana brought her dog Pender along, and we learned walking a dog down the street dressed as a cat is pretty damn hilarious.

There were many cool costumes but my favourite was Shaun Stewart's Robert GHOOOULet

Sharp and timely is our Shaun.

At the end of the night the Pussy Whips took first place! Woo!

Afterwards Ian and I stopped by the office to grab pages and take care of e-mails before heading home where I hunkered down in the armchair to finish this week's batch. Kenneth Brannagh's Hamlet was on cable and that helped get in the right head space for drawing (the scene with Hamlet addressing Yorick's skull actually made me a bit weepy). I should pick that up on DVD sometime, if only to see it again in widescreen.

Forcing myself not to put on Dial M for Murder playing right now on AMC. Hitchcock is amazing but that bloody channel butchers films without remorse! "TV for Film People" my ass!

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