Saturday, April 1, 2006

Emerald City Comic Con. This is a fun con. Got to talk to a lot of people today, so many nice things said about the book and wow, it's nice to hear that when you work day in and day out alone in a studio. We ducked out for lunch and then stopped by Kinokuniya for art supplies (love that place!) when I suddenly became roaringly ill. Blah. Maybe it was lunch, more likely it was the hotel breakfast with the processed circles of sausage and egg or the gallon milk bottle sitting in the ice tray for the cheerios.

We came back to the hotel and I passed out. Ian got an invite to play at a local improv show so I'm sitting here watching US tv and playing with new art supplies. I'm a sucker for Japanese sketch books.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

My smushed fingers are still driving me crazy. A week now and they're still stiff. Damn door jamb.

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