Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ian told me about this weird dream he had this morning where we were in Atlantis and I was trying to explain 9/11 to the people there:

"These planes flew into a couple of buildings"


"And they fell down."


Hard to type tonight. I smashed my hand in our bedroom doorway again. It's really annoying because the jamb is like in a blind spot (that or my depth of field is all wonky), so when I go to reach for the light switch my hand swings into the jamb, smashing my knuckles in. It keeps happening and I'm getting pretty tired of it. To add insult to injury... or in this case more injury, as I was exiting the bedroom later on I did the same thing on my left hand. At the restaurant over lunch I burned a knuckle on the steel teapot as I was reaching for a lemon wedge and then on the way home in the cab a guy ran in front of us and nearly got hit causing Ian, who was holding my hand at the time, to squeeze really fast and hard. Not a good day to be my fingers.

Drawing will be fun tonight.

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