Wednesday, February 1, 2006

I had been using as a site host for over a year with few problems. Every couple of weeks the site would go down for a couple of hours, I'd send in a complaint and get a response the next day saying "We can't see anything wrong here" and the site would be up again so I must have been imagining it. Annoying but whatever. Then a little while ago they went and lost my entire home page. Had to make a new one from scratch. Okay, didn't like that. Carrying on.

Last Friday the site went down. And it stayed down. I sent in complaints and got back one note saying they were having server difficulties, please be patient and I was. Until Monday came around and the site was still offline. I couldn't access the control panel, couldn't access their live chat assistant, their sales staff, their general contact info, no response from anyone. So bugger them and now I have a new host.

There are still some dangling bugs here and there, and I'll be working on those very soon. Work has been pretty heavy lately. This latest arc has a lot of detail in it and it's a lot to just keep up. The cats are adjusting to new food, Charlie needs a wet diet now that he's had some dental work done. The result being they get hungry sooner which means we end up losing sleep when cats start hovering around our heads in the morning.

Add to that a sucky predicament this week. Back in December Ian gave me a very cool birthday present: tickets to the Lord of the Rings musical in Toronto. We booked a hotel and airline tickets to go out this weekend to see it and were pretty excited about having a geeky little side trip to break the post Christmas/pre-wedding monotony. Yesterday morning we got a call that the Friday show was cancelled. Turns out, and the site really didn't make it very clear, that the tickets we had were for previews. Cost the same as regular nights, no caveats that shows could be cancelled for whatever reason... just cancelled.

Ian spent a good chunk of yesterday wrangling for refunds on the hotel and air. I had to re-organize a side trip to Calgary to see my godson. Blah.

So it's more work this weekend. Probably for the best.

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