Monday, November 21, 2005

Yesterday we were in the HM(formerly)Virgin and this song comes on that blows my mind, like Nelly Furtado on speed with great grinding beats and wild sounds. It's not often that I'm driven to an album like this (the last was World Domination a few years back) and after a moment of listening I turn to Ian and say "I have to find this". I bee line for the escalator and find a guy in a store shirt who tells me the artist is M.I.A. and where to find a copy. The art on the CD is slapdash and confusing, it took a moment to confirm that it was the album I was looking for. The liner notes are cryptic and don't offer a whole lot of info on who put this amazing music together but after a listen (and a quick google for more info) I have to say this woman has blown my socks off.

Maya Arulpragasam's album titled Arular doesn't fit into the stereotypical mould of so many sappy lyricists out there . Here the words are playful and angry and hard letting the dance rythyms take center stage. This stuff makes you want to MOVE. The track that dragged me to the counter was called 10 Dollar and it's so fucking groovy!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Seen it twice. Loved it. Wish they could have fit more in, missed Cuaron's finer touches from Azkaban. Will someone hurry up and invent Firebolt technology because I so want one.

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