Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I had a request to fix the blog because the text was a little unreadable on the grey background. I do like the opacity of the frame but it may not be showing up as well on other people's browsers. I adjusted it a bit but I'll have to play with the colours some more to get it just right. Thanks for your patience.

More on Shaun of the Dead. Last year I stumbled across a wicked show on Bravo called Spaced about a writer and comic book artist who pretend to be a couple in order to get a flat. The pacing was sharp with loads of pop culture references, everything from Resident Evil to Lara Croft to Scooby Doo and Evil Dead. Ian and I actually went out and got a universal dvd player just so we could get the season one and two discs from the uk (that and Futurama box sets that wouldn't be out in North America for a a couple of years yet). Anyone who came to the apartment would be subjected to at least a couple of episodes (sorry). We were really hoping season three would get made but it looks like the creators Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg went and got themselves a budget and created this film that seems to have the same lightning pace and quirky humour. If anyone hears anything about a North American release please let me know because I'm squirming with anticipation!

Spring kinda sprung rather suddenly here. It's as if the world (okay the pacific northwest) just up and decided it didn't want to be cold anymore. Cherry blossoms exploded out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago. That frosty nip vanished practically overnight, replaced by the light scent of daffodils. It's so damn nice. Another winter has passed.

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