Thursday, February 19, 2004

Hey everyone!
This whole production designer thing is a lot of work! If I'm not standing on a ladder painting sets for 16 hours straight I'm pulling my hair out trying to find costumes, grommets, devil puppets and the theme music to Peter and the Wolf on CD! Now that the show has finally premiered, I can actually get some sleep and boy do I need it. A few hours here, a couple of hours there just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm a cranky Pia when I've not had enough zz's.

Opening night was great though. A few moments of outright panic beforehand but in the end people laughed and that was the most important thing of all. Awwwww. How Doogie Howser of me.

So anyway, now that the show is up and running I can get back to the nitty gritty of Y. I'm starting a story arc called Tongues of Flame which deals with events that occured in Widow's Pass (drawn by Goran Parlov). I'm thinking you'll dig it. And don't worry, I'll be staying on for the following arc as well. A lot will be happening over the next eight months and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Also, some interesting news may be coming over the next week. Very happy about it but I also don't want to jinx things. More soon.

And hey, the bright boys at the WB are cancelling Angel. The rat bastards! After tonights episode I really wish they would reconsider. Smile Time was wonderfully devious despite it's jump-the-shark premise. Loved every minute of it. And yay for Wes! Next week looks like a gutwrench. Classic Joss!

I'm a little bummed about not being able to make it out to the Emerald City Comic Con on the 29th. I was all psyched up and then I saw that our final performance night of Sword Play is on the 28th. There are no early trains, and no buses that can get out there in time. And it's such a wonderful con too. I need to learn how to drive. Grrr.

Sun will be up soon. 'Night.

Monday, February 2, 2004

So here it is. Yet another attempt at a blog. Hopefully this time by making this spot the official Y news page instead of just a space to ramble about nothing only to erase it from embarassment the next day means that there will be more for you, dear and gentle readers to enjoy. Also it's a lot easier to update from a remote computer allowing me to drop in whilst at a con or visiting my godson and dish out the latest gossip (Y'know, they say "super Beans" will be the next BIG TOY for Christmas 2004!).

First off, our book Y-The Last Man is doing quite well. The reviews continue to be favourable, Brian K. Vaughan's writing still stuns people with his wonderful cliffhangers (myself included), and no one seems to be getting grumbly over the art yet so "yay!".

In January I did two interviews for CBC Radio which was very neat. One was conducted by J.J. Lee who came over to the apartment to "experience the artist's space" during our chat. Ian and I spent the whole day cleaning of course because goodness knows, ya gotta tidy up... for RADIO!

Right now I'm on a bit of break while Goran Parlov is doing a stint on Y, a three issue arc called Widow's Pass (this follows Safeword). It would have been cool to work on this story but there's so much coming up what with our heroes finally hitting California after nearly two years on the road, that any extra time to make this 6-8 part arc extra special is greatly needed and appreciated. I am so looking forward to seeing what Goran does with these characters.

The first script should be in pretty soon and in the meantime I'm treasuring every moment I have off. Ian is producing a Three Musketeers comedy at the Playwrights Center on Granville Island called Swordplay. Guess who's working as production designer? It's been a blast designing the set, costumes and promotional materials and in just over a couple of weeks I'll be scrambling backstage doing odd jobs like running a DV projector and "improv sketching" on an overhead.

For those of you in Vancouver, I hope you come and see the show. I hear there will be free three musketeers bars handed out at intermission!

More soon!